Case study

Private EV Charger Installation

8th Sep 2020

Installation of an Andersen A2 Electric Vehicle Charger at a private residence in Melbourne, Cambridgeshire.


  • The property had to have a 3 phase supply brought to the house
  • Time restraints – From the selection of the correct unit, through to installation had to be completed promptly due to the clients existing timeframe
  • To ensure the aesthetic integrity of the property due to recent renovation
  • Working within an inhabited property where the client was working from home, ensuring that no disruption was caused during the fit-out.


The installation was completed at a very high level due to the exacting requirements from our customer.

This client selected the Andersen A2 EV from our range of 4 Electric Vehicle Chargers (Rolec, Pod point, Zappi and Andersen). The Anderson was the perfect fit, sitting harmoniously within the beautiful existing backdrop of their country home.

Manufactured in Britain, the Andersen A2 points use industrial-grade electronics to match with the stunning design with enhanced performance and functionality. As with any fixed appliance, a better quality product will hopefully, ultimately save money. The Andersen A2 provided by AGSL is built to last – Andersen charge points actually improve over time.

The chassis of every unit comes with a lifetime guarantee, and free over-the-air software updates continually improve the experience. OLEV grant approval means that the client is entitled to £350 off the cost of installation.*

Customers don’t need to do anything to claim the OLEV grant other than picking an approved vehicle and approved charger installation, a recommendation that the team at Aspect Group Services were happy to provide.

One of our client’s main concerns was the look of the unit, as the customer was against having leads hanging from the side of their property. The Andersen unit was ideal for this as it offers a stylish EV charging point that hides the integrated cable.

The Andersen A2 enhances the charging experience for the enthusiast electric vehicle drivers, with optional increased levels of 3-Phase, 22kW power and SMART controlled connectivity. Unrivalled aesthetics and pioneering technology are showcased perfectly in the Andersen A2.

Work Undertaken

  • The property had to have a 3 phase power supply brought in, as such there needed to be some ground works delivered to allow this to happen.
  • Full installation of the Andersen A2 Electric Vehicle Charger
  • Ensure that everything was returned to its original state
  • Finally a full de-brief of how the system works – and how to get the best out of its functionality.

Prior to the installation

  • We had to complete a full survey
  • Review electric charger units and recommend which one was most appropriate and why this would be the case.
  • Review the works that had to be undertaken and deliver a schedule of works that was in line with our client’s expectations.


The project was completed to schedule, installing a new 3 phase electric supply and ensuring the best use of the EV charger they had purchased.

The new system blended in seamlessly with the original style of the property and gave the aesthetic that the customer wanted.

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