Aspect Drone Surveys

Drone Survey Services for East Anglia.

Aspect Group Services work in collaboration with experienced Norwich-based drone operator HexCam to deliver high-quality roof and building inspections and surveys to the Private Residential, Commercial, Education and Public sectors.

With access to a wide range of modern advanced drones, we ensure that only equipment that is safe and appropriate for the specific building type and location is used and all flights are fully risk-assessed and managed by a team of highly experienced and licensed operators.

High-resolution aerial imagery complements traditional inspection and surveying methods and with no need to physically access costly high or hard to reach areas, drone surveys are safer than traditional ladder inspections and more effective than erecting scaffolding or other methods. The results can quickly help to inform where physical access and more detailed inspection and remedial works are necessary.

In addition to close-up building surveys and inspections, we are also able to offer aerial topographic surveys and mapping as well as high-resolution 3D modelling as part of our overall drone service.

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HexCam hold all required CAA permissions for commercial operations and hold £10m of Public Liability insurance.

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