Richard Colley

  • 1987 – 1997 – NatWest Bank – Commercial Manager
  • 1997 – 2001 – Westland Helicopters – Commercial Negotiator
  • 2001- 2005 – Lotus Cars – Platform Manager
  • 2005 – Present – Self-employed – Director

Working for the NatWest bank gave me an excellent grounding in financial acumen and a solid understanding of fundamental business requirements for success.

Working for Westland Helicopters took my experience in commercial negotiation to a new level and the use of neurolinguistics and psychometric analysis has been hugely valuable through-out the rest of my career.

Lotus Cars was a role where I managed the Elise platform with circa 200 employees. This role gave me significant autonomy and experience in project management as well as what ‘to do’ and what ‘not to do’ in business.

I left Lotus Cars to start my own business and built Artique Galleries Ltd to 6 high street shops and a complimentary internet business with an annual turnover of circa £4M. I used all the skills and experience to establish, build and run the company focusing on business principles before product. During this time, I also established and built a ‘Health and Safety’ business based on the same sound business principles. This company continues to grow and expand and today employs 20 people.

With proven success in establishing and running businesses in diverse sectors using the same fundamental principles I am ready for the next opportunity.