Case study

South Cambridgeshire – Re-roofing of Social Housing Portfolio

4th Feb 2020


South Cambridgeshire District Council commissioned a program of re-roofing to their Social Housing portfolio under the Eastern Procurement Framework. 

The program of works is being delivered by our dedicated teams under the close supervision of our contract management team.  All works are undertaken whilst the properties are fully occupied.  

Our site supervision and co-ordination teams liaise with residents to ensure they are kept advised of our works.

Working closely with our clients, we have completed works on time and to the budget which ensures the whole partnering arrangement is successful.  

The works undertaken included:

  • Surveys of existing roofing
  • Removal of existing roofing no longer fit for purpose
  • Provision of scaffolding
  • Installation of new fascias, soffits and rainwater goods
  • Existing timber treatment
  • Upgrade of insulation
  • Removal of non-licensed asbestos
  • Safe disposal of waste materials

Client: South Cambridgeshire District Council

Project: Programme of re-roofing.

Start: November 2016

Completion: Ongoing

Contract: Framework

Re-roofing Works

The roofing works have included full re-roofs of all properties, using new tiles and ridge unless otherwise specified, along with new membrane and batten/counter batten.  

All tiles are to replace the existing as close to the original as possible and are supplied by Sandtoft or Forticrete.  

We complete gas flue inspections daily where the flue comes through the roof and remove any non-licensed asbestos in line with procedures where this is found. 

We are responsible for the access, typically scaffolding.  We have an in-house division as well as approved subcontractors.  Our main subcontractor is NASC approved.

The works required under the Eastern Procurement Framework are:

  • An initial survey of the existing roof to the property.
  • The provision of access equipment i.e. scaffolding.
  • The removal and disposal of all existing roof coverings and sarking felt.
  • The removal and disposal of all fascias, soffits and rainwater goods.
  • The supply and installation of the replacement roof covering.
  • The supply and installation of new fascias, soffits and rainwater goods.
  • Timber treatment of the existing roof structure.
  • The upgrading of the roof insulation where necessary.
  • Any additional works as instructed by the Order Client
  • Representative.
  • Removal on non-licensed and licensed asbestos

Typical pitched roofs have consisted of single lap concrete or clay tiles, double lap concrete or clay tiles or natural or fibre cement slates

Survey information we collate includes:

  • The dimensions of the existing roof
  • The type of existing roof covering
  • The locations of all services, including aerials, satellite dishes and associated cabling
  • The type of replacement materials required
  • The number of replacement materials required
  • The condition of the existing roof structure; valley boards; lead flashings and valleys and chimney(s), and the extent of any remedial work required

Any cables identified are shrouded, by UKPN, prior to any commencement on site. We are also responsible for ensuring that the resident’s current television reception is maintained throughout work; we employ a specialist aerial subcontractor to remove aerials and place them onto the scaffolding, and return them to their original position once work is complete


  • Ensuring no interruption to aerial reception
  • Access issues due to parking / narrow access.